15 Fall Science Experiments for Homeschool

15 Fall Science Experiments for Homeschool

Fall is by far my favorite season! I mean I’ve literally waited all year for this and it’s finally here…YAY! So, I’m having a bit of a virtual celebration. Today, I’m sharing 20 awesome autumn/fall science experiments you MUST try with your kiddos this season. They’re sure to be fall-bulous! Ha!

1. Color Change in Leaves

Fall Science Experiments | Leaves Change Colors
Photo Source: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Ever wonder why leaves change colors in the fall? It’s just ONE of my favorite things about this season! Check out this leaf exploration activity from A Little Pinch of Perfect!

2. Grow Salt Crystal Leaves

Fall Science Grow Salt Crystal Leaf
Photo Source: Living Well Mom

We’re big into rocks in our home so this crystal growing experiment from Living Well Mom is right down our alley! This super simple activity uses items you most likely already have lying around your house. No pipe cleaners? No problem! Grab some leaves from your yard and try growing crystals on those instead!

3. Leaves & Oxygen

Fall Science Experiments | Leaves & Oxygen
Photo Source: Edventures with Kids

Leaves are living! And as living things, they also breathe! Edventures with Kids shares this awesome experiment (complete with suggested companion books and lesson explanations) in their How do Plants Breathe? Science Experiment! I love how absolutely simple, yet informative, this activity is. No complicated materials list. All you need is a leaf, bowl, water, and a little time!

4. States of Leaves

Fall Science Experiments| States of Leaves
Photo Source: Preschool Powol Packets

If you’re looking for an experiment that covers multiple subjects in one, then you’ll love this Leaf Science Experiment from Preschool Powol Packets. This STEM compatible activity has all the scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical goodness you’d expect. Again, super simple list of materials and the prep is equally as simple. Note: Prep should be done the night before! You’re literally just freezing leaves in water overnight.

5. How Leaves Get Water

Fall Science How Leaves Get Water
Photo Source: Gift of Curiosity

Here’s a really cool science experiment from Gift of Curiosity. You’ve probably seen something similar floating around. It gives a great visual of how leaves take in water! This one does take some time. You’ll want to plan for an observation period of about 2-3 days to get the most out of it =)

6. Mini Pumpkin Volcanoes

Photo Source: Freebie Finding Mom

I’m sharing this fall science experiment along with a confession…I, as a homeschool mom, have yet to make any type of volcano…I know! How is this even possible?! I don’t know but that’s about to change. These Mini Pumpkin Volcanoes from Freebie Finding Mom are so stinkin’ cute and their kiddie-sized! What’s not to love? Plus, you most likely have the materials needed already in your kitchen (except maybe a pumpkin!) This is on our to-do list fo’ sho’!

7. Pumpkin Slime

Fall Science Experiment | Pumpkin Slime
Photo Source: Little Bins for Little Hands

Ok, I’m 0 for 2 here. We’ve never made slime either. But there’s always time for firsts, right? This Pumpkin Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands is made from real pumpkin! (This spoke to my “all-natural” side.) I think I’m ready to look past my aversion to slimy things and try this out. I know my kiddos will LOVE it!

8. Pumpkin Decomposition

Photo Source: Share it! Science

Fall is the perfect time to explore decomposition! I mean, most of us have pumpkins rotting on our porch anyway. Why not turn it into a science experiment? Share it! Science shares this Discovering Decomposition with Pumpkins experiment. As an added bonus, they’ve included books you can read along with it (which I love!)

9. Grow Pumpkin Sprouts

Fall Science Experiments | Pumpkin Science Experiments
Photo Source: Little Learning Wonders

Not only is this science experiment genius, it’s economical as well! Growing pumpkin sprouts…inside a pumpkin…genius! But I can’t take the credit. Nope, it’s Little Learning Wonders who we can thank for this awesomeness. This experiment would be great for a plant theme and exploring how plants grow.

10. Explore Pumpkin Guts

Photo Source: Pre-K Pages

Here’s a fun fall pumpkin exploration/sensory activity! It reminds me of that video that’s gone viral on Facebook with the baby who gags everytime he touches the pumpkin guts…no? Ok, moving on. Pre-K Pages shares this ooey-gooey science activity along with a fun observation project to go along with it!

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11. Mummified Apples (Cool!)

Photo Source: The Unlikely Homeschool

I came across this mummified apple experiment as part of an Ancient Egypt study from The Unlikely Homeschool. Honestly, I just thought it was the coolest thing. I love how they used apples to explore the ancient practice of mummification! So, while I’m including this in a fall science post because of the apples, you could easily use it anytime of the year.

12. Float An Apple Boat

Fall Science Experiment | Sink or Float
Photo Source: Little Bins for Little Hands
Do apples float? Let your little one find out with these apple boats from Little Bins for Little Hands.

13. Apples & Oxidation

Fall Science Experiments | Apple Oxidation
Photo Source: Lemon Lime Adventures
This science experiment is an “oldie but goodie” that teaches kiddos about oxidation. Lemon Lime Adventures shares their version in learning about why apples turn brown. It’s also great way to learn about why presliced apples don’t turn brown!

14. Make Applesauce

Photo Source: A Day in First Grade

Say what?! Yes! Making applesauce is a totally legit (and yummy!) science experiment. Not only can kiddos use their senses to explore, but they also learn about how the apples change states through the cooking process…boom…science! A Day in First Grade shares how they did it (complete with recipe!)

15. Grow Germs (Eww!)

Fall Science Experiment | Growing Germs
Photo Source: Playdough to Plato

And last, but certainly not least, Playdough to Plato shows us how to grow germs! I know, I know. This sounds totally gross and it probably is. BUT also very cool! One of the things I love about this is that it shows how microscopic organisms do, in fact, have an impact (even when we can’t see them!) Great for reinforcing hand washing! 😉

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Well, that’s it for now. Lots of fun fall science experiments to try out this season! Let us know which ones you try and how you liked it! 

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What’s been your favorite fall science experiment so far? Share in the comments below!

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