Homeschool: A Dynamic Approach

Homeschool: A Dynamic Approach

Hi there, I’m Bri-Ann and I’m super excited to welcome you to Homeschool in Jammies! I created this site so I’d have a place to share all the tips, tricks, and awesome resources we find and use as a homeschool family of 7. As a result, we help to bring FUN and excitement to other homeschool families! But why homeschool in jammies (you may be wondering?) Well, perhaps not for the reason you’d think…

Homeschool is all about the approach

Do we homeschool in jammies? Yes!…Quite frequently actually! However, Homeschool in Jammies is less about what we wear and more about the approach we take to homeschooling. This can (and does!) vary year-to-year day-to-day.

I’ll be honest, homeschooling hasn’t been a walk in the park for me. In 5+ years, I’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons and I continue to learn (yes, the hard way) even today. But even at that, I’m still super-duper grateful to be able to homeschool.

I’ve always been a very “by-the-book” type person and I thrive best in an organized and “well planned-out” way of life. I told myself when I had kids that this would be a good thing….and, in some ways, it is! But I had to learn how to be flexible and let my hair down every now and then. 

Thankfully, I was blessed with out-going, strong-willed kiddos that keep me on my toes and are constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone. I say “thankfully” because our greatest growth happens when we step beyond what makes us comfortable and take chances!

it's not one size fits all

And that’s what Homeschool in Jammies is! It’s about stepping outside of the socially created box that is the education system we see today. It’s about taking a different approach and allowing your homeschool style to mold and shape itself to your families needs and your children’s individual learning styles. Homeschool in jammies if that’s your sweet spot. Essentially, you want to build a homeschool experience that’s unique to your family and offers a supportive and effective learning environment.

Free Homeschool Resources

That’s one of the wonderful things about homeschooling. It doesn’t have to mirror or function like the education system. After all, children aren’t meant to be forced into a box (so to speak.) Every child learns and progresses differently and homeschooling allows us to accommodate this very critical fact. 

This is one of the many reasons we decided to homeschool our 5 kids. Over time, we’ve been able to learn their inividual learning styles and have allowed them to progressed in their own areas of strength. This is, in large part, because we’ve been able to take a hands-on approach, study their strengths, and pace them accordingly.

find what works for you

Our main objective is to show our kids that learning can be fun and that it’s ok to take a different approach to things. After all, we’re each created differently and with different gifts and strengths. So, it begs to reason that they wouldn’t all learn, think, or absorb information the same way.

So,if one child is struggling in a particular area, we just try a different approach. It may take some trial and error, but it’s worth it in the end. Not to mention, it makes homeschool life easier for the whole family!

The point is, you should be open to trying a different angle, if necessary. Moreover, you must understand that the potential necessity to do so is NOT indicative of your (or your child’s) failure! Just because it works for one family doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that!

allow it to change and grow

Trust me when I say that this has been a learning curve for me. It’s very much against my nature to “go with the flow” and change has always been hard for me. Remember? By-the-book! So, while the perfectionist in me wants to complete every workbook page and follow a scope and sequence to the T, the artist in me cries out for the creativite side of homeschooling. 

Thankfully, I’ve been able to see how taking a more flexible and hands-on approach has better served our family. As a result, I’ve grown tremendously as a homeschool mom…thought not without a fight =P

get your jammies on

Anywho, enough of my soapbox! If you’re looking to find your homeschool flow and find fun, hands-on activities, and resources along the way…you’re in the right place! So, throw on your jammies and stay awhile because I’m opening the doors of our homeschool room and giving away all the tips, tricks, and goodies we have. 

Whether you’re just starting homeschool or you’re looking to enhance your current homeschool situation, it’s time to let loose and step out of the proverbial learning box that we’ve been stuck in!

Let’s have some FUN and start building a unique homeschool experience for you (and your kids!) Are you in? Let’s do this!

Until next time,

Tell me, what’s one thing you want to change about your homeschool approach? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Erica Svendsen

    I always fancied myself a by the book type A personality but go with the flow, hybrid of traditional homeschooling and unschooling had worked best for us. I let my son take the lead. Whatever he shows an interest in, we study, and he never fails to take an interest.

    1. Bri-Ann

      I love this! I think kids are far more engaged when they’re able to self-direct the area of study. While it’s definitely been a challenge for me, there’s a marked difference in their interest and engagement when they’re allowed to guide the area of focus. It’s easy to forget that kids naturally WANT to learn. But that natural curiosity and drive gets stifled under a bunch of things they “have” to learn. That’s one of the things I love about homeschooling. It allows us the explore their areas of interest in greater depth. Thank you so much for sharing!

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